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Luxury Family Resorts

Staying At Walt Disney World’s Luxury Family Resort

Every kid has the dream of going to Walt Disney World, and really, who can blame them? Walt Disney World stands as the staple for all family vacations and with the experiences it brings, it’s become a great destination for families of all ages. Walt Disney World’s luxury family resort is an incredible resort that boasts a wide range of services not offered in the theme park itself, perfect for those looking to enjoy time together with their families in and out of the park but still surrounded by Disney magic.


The best way to tour Disney World is to let the kids leads the way. Everyone loves Disney in their own way, but for kids this is truly a land of pure magic. It’s the coolest place imaginable and everything has been geared to their enjoyment and there are choices for entertainment abound. Letting the kids rule where they go, what rides they choose, what to eat and what to do gives them a break from the standard routines and rules of every day and lets them just bask in the wonderment and magic of Disney.


Timing of when to visit Disney is also huge. You want to visit at an age where they’re old enough to really enjoy what’s happening around them, but young enough to not feel “too mature” to have fun. Being in the 7-10 age range seems to fit fairly well as they’ll likely be tall enough to enjoy all the rides and have enough imagination to have fun with what’s happening around them. The younger they are, the more excited they’ll be to meet their favorite characters as well and being with them to experience their first roller coaster is definitely something that’s loads of fun. Dropping down Splash Mountain together helps to remind everyone that regardless of age, we’re all still kids at heart.


Staying in the park itself helps to reduce a lot of the stress that comes with traveling. The resort itself is situated in the park and, as you can imagine, is built specifically to be the perfect family resort. You can call it a luxury family resort because the amenities are truly amazing – the quality of the rooms, the amenities, everything is at the highest level of satisfaction you can imagine and is well worth the investment.


The resort itself has several dining options, a luxurious spa, celebration spaces and acres of recreational space and pursuits for activities like golf, tennis, basketball and water slides. Of course, that’s all great for adults, for younger guests, the best part is Explorer Island in the heart of the resort. A 5-acre playground that includes a 7,590 square foot family pool complete with a lazy river winding around a “ruined” mansion, climbing wall and water slides and the “Kids for All Seasons” club – a club that will look after your little ones and give them an opportunity to socialize with other kids from the resort.


A FastPass+ will allow you to reserve access to your favorite experiences and attractions before you get to the park which will allow you to skip the lines. This is more for the benefit of the parents than anything else, since more than likely your kids will be oblivious to bores of waiting and will more than likely be busy running around. Remember to let them have fun and do their thing – when later in the evening/afternoon rolls around, that’s your opportunity to send the kids off to the club and enjoy a relaxing spa day or even a quiet dinner alone together.


Disney is the ultimate family experience for younger kids. The resort stands as one of the finer luxury family resorts and the overall experience is on a level all its own. When parents are looking for the perfect place to bring their kids, there’s a reason why they always end up at Disney. The experience is unadulterated magic for younger visitors and gives them an experience that we can only dream of – a brief reprieve into a world that our favorite characters live in. The joy this vacation will bring them is unlike any other.